Marques De Casares

Golden Retriever

Marqués de Casares Golden Retriever are Gabriel and Rachel, live in Asturias and are dedicated to the selective breeding of this breed.

Our experience with dogs begins from children, we grew up playing and enjoying them. When we became adults deepen our desire was a race, all have their charm, but when we discovered the Golden we realized it was our ideal dog. Besides its beauty, is affectionate, loves to play with kids, happy and wonderful physical qualities, a companion you can take anywhere, all I can tell you fall short, you need to live it to understand it.

With them we started in the show world, a world I knew nothing and that Gabriel was excited, always caught his attention.

Our desire is Golden Retriever breeding based on the basic principles of breeding, preserving all their qualities and avoiding diseases hereditary influence; counting official certificates of dysplasia and eye defects.

Our dogs live with us as part of our daily life, are one of the family, for us animal welfare prevails above all.

To thank our friends from Galicia and Asturias, with whom we share this dream, for all the advice and support they give us unconditional.


The Cubs spending his veterinary examination 60 days.

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